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Technology ad blitz under way

Many technology companies facing timid customers and increasing competition — e.g., Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, and for the first time Juniper Networks — are ramping up advertising campaigns.  Advertising Professor John Verret, a 40-year veteran of the ad business, says they can thank Apple for showing that great messages, widely disseminated, build great markets. “All the tech/Internet […]

NBC banking on Leno

In the run-up to NBC launching “The Jay Leno Show” 5-nights a week in prime time come September, the network is flooding the advertising marketplace — TV, movie theaters, billboards, on airplanes, in gyms, elevators, even taxi cabs — with promotions for the show.  College of Communication advertising Professor Sue Parenio can discuss the unprecedented nature […]

Digital media, kids, and the FCC

With “new challenges” like computers, video games, and cellphones in addition to TV, kids are being impacted by advertising on all sorts of digital media.  Under a new chairman, the FCC now wants an updated study on how ads and violent images affect children.  College of Communication Professor T. Barton Carter, an FCC expert, says […]

Obama boosts MLB All-Star ads

Stadium attendance may be down but advertising rates are up for Major League Baseball’s All-Star game July 14, in part because President Obama will throw out the first pitch and appear in pre-game coverage.  College of Communication advertising Professor Christopher Cakebread, an expert in sports advertising, can discuss. Contact Christopher Cakebread, 617-353-3476, ccakebre@bu.edu

Healthcare ad wars escalating

With Congress seriously mulling several healthcare-reform bills, the negative advertising wars over various plans are gaining steam.  It remains to be seen if they will reach the effectiveness of the “Harry and Louise” ads that brought down the Clinton reform effort in 1994.  College of Communication Professor Christopher Cakebread, an expert in controversial advertising, can discuss […]

Free speech and tobacco regulation

A free-speech fight is brewing over part of the bill, which President Obama will sign, giving the FDA regulatory control over tobacco.  It pits the public interest in preventing young people from smoking against the right of tobacco companies to advertise to adult smokers.  School of Law Professor Tracey Maclin, a Constitutional law expert, can […]

GM’s post-bankruptcy ad campaign

General Motors is launching a post-bankruptcy advertising campaign targeting network TV, the Web, and Facebook, with the hook:  “We’re not witnessing the end of the American Car.  We’re witnessing the rebirth of the American Car.”  College of Communication Professor Christopher Cakebread, an expert on controversial ads, can discuss GM’s gambit. Contact Christopher Cakebread, 617-353-3476, ccakebre@bu.edu

Advertising bargains in a recession

Advertising Professor Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of the College of Communication, says the recession means there are plenty of bargains to be had for advertising buyers, except on bona fide hits on broadcast and cable TV. “There is a glut of media options, so the supply-demand chain favors advertisers rather than the media.  Digital and […]

Microsoft’s new “PC-beats-Mac” ad a “no-brainer”

Advertising Professor Tom Fauls, a veteran of the ad industry, says Microsoft’s new advertising strategy emphasizing the lower cost of Windows PCs vs. Macs, is smart but may not gain much. “For Microsoft to leverage the value issue in the depths of the recession is a no-brainer.  This new spot is far less painful than […]

Dem’s Limbaugh assault backfiring

College of Communication Associate Dean Tobe Berkovitz, an authority on political advertising and messaging, says the Democrats’ campaign to use Rush Limbaugh to attack the Republican Party is backfiring. “Rush is a handy punching bag for the White House and the Democratic attack machine, but the ‘Rush is the devil’ message and coordinated effort is […]