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Intel settles antitrust case with FTC

In a “I-never-did-it-and-won’t-do-it-again” deal, Computer chip-making giant Intel agreed with the Federal Trade Commission to step back from business practices — like coercing computer makers not to buy microprosessor chips from rivals — which allegedly stifled competition and deprived consumers of better choices for at least a decade.  The “play nice” settlement comes on the heels […]

Apple online-music antitrust probe

The Justice Department reportedly is in the early stages of an antitrust investigation against Apple Inc., the largest seller of music online, looking into allegations that it used its dominant market position to try to keep music labels from granting exclusive access to content to Amazon.com.  Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says […]

SCOTUS slaps down NFL

In a unanimous vote, the Supreme Court denied the National Football League its goal of broad protection from antitrust suits.  The high court ruled on a case involving a license for making souvenir caps and sent to back to a lower court to further consideration allegations by a smaller company that challenged the league’s 10-year […]

Google/AdMob deal okayed

Despite concerns that Google could extend its Internet marketing dominance into the emerging field of wireless devices, federal regulators approved the company’s $750 million purchase of its mobile advertising rival AdMob.  Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, said it looks like the right decision given rapid changes in the market such as […]

FTC sniffing Google-AdMob deal

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly preparing an antitrust challenge to Google’s proposed acquisition of the mobile-advertising company AdMob, and asked AdMob competitors about what the deal would mean for consumers.  Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says be weary of what the competitors say — even in sworn statements. “If the […]

Microsoft, Google antitrust sparring

Google says Microsoft is waging a proxy war by hijacking lawsuits brought by third parties to crank up antitrust sentiment against it so that regulators clamp down on Google’s growth.  Law Professor Keith Hylton says legal weapons have become competitive tools among big technology firms. “I don’t think there are any angels left in the high-tech sector […]

Senators push EU on antitrust case

Led by John Kerry and Orrin Hatch, 59 U.S. senators are urging European antitrust regulators to make a decision on the proposed Oracle merger with Sun Microsystems.   Law Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust law expert, says the intervention reflects a disproportionate political influence by Sun relative to its importance to the economy. “This sort of intervention by […]

E.U. defends its Intel position

The European Union, which in May fined Intel $1.45 billion for strong-arm sales tactics, has released e-mails showing how Intel pressured chip buyers.  School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an antitrust law expert, says the unusual move going to the media to make their case is questionable. The E.C.’s decision to take its case to […]

Report: DoJ probing telecom industry

The Justice Department reportedly has launched a probe to see if large U.S. telecom companies (AT&T, Verizon) are abusing their recently won market power.  For instance, are wireless carriers locking up popular smart-phones by having exclusive agreements with handset makers?  School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an expert on antitrust law, can look at the […]

Text-messaging fee hikes antitrust?

Federal investigators are being asked if there’s an antitrust problem with a 100% jump in some text-messaging charges by the four companies that control most of the market — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile.  School of Law Professor Keith Hylton, an expert in antitrust law, says it might look suspicious, “but the law requires […]