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The future of derivatives trading

As the Senate is poised this week to vote on the House-passed compromise bill reforming the financial regulatory system, Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law and author of “Trust and Honesty: America’s Business Culture at a Crossroad,” speculates about the future of derivatives trading once the reform act is enacted.  More important […]

Goldman executives questioned

The Congressionally appointed Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission exploring the 2008 crash questioned executives from Goldman Sachs, the world’s most profitable bank, about how much it makes trading derivatives — those complex financial bets that helped bring down the economy.  Goldman Chief Financial Officer David Viniar said they had no way of determining its derivatives data […]

Financial regulatory reform showdown

House and Senate conferees hope to wrap up this week the final version of financial regulatory reform legislation to send to President Obama, with chairmen Barney Frank and Chris Dodd delicately trying to compromises without losing votes for the overall package.  What do about the trading of derivatives – the complex financial packages which helped sink […]

Derivatives amendment showdown

Enemies on all sides are coming down on Arkansas Democratic U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln’s amendment to the regulatory reform bill that would rid banks of their lucrative derivatives business which played such a huge rule in the 2008 financial crash.  Law Professor Cornelius Hurley, director of the Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law and […]

Obama pushes for derivatives reform

President Obama says he wants more regulatory control over the trading of derivatives, the financial products that helped crash the economy, and says the Democrats’ efforts to re-regulate Wall Street will not lead to another taxpayer bailout.  Former Federal Reserve Bank examiner Mark Williams, who teaches finance at the BU School of Management and is […]

Crimping derivatives speculation

The $450 trillion over-the-counter derivatives market, which added greatly to the economic crash, will be under scrutiny as Congress considers how to curb speculation in credit default swaps.  School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law, says regulating CDSs would help. “Credit default swaps are chisels with which our brokers, dealers and […]

Battle over derivatives regulation

Trading in complex derivatives, financial instruments like credit default swaps, in large part sparked the current economic crisis.  Now the debate has shifted to how to regulate derivatives and where to trade them.  School of Law Professor Charles Whitehead, a securities law expert and long-time Citigroup counsel, can offer some guidance as to where the […]

Administration pushes for derivatives oversight

School of Law Professor Tamar Frankel, an authority on securities law, welcomes the Obama administration’s push for more regulatory oversight for the shadowy market of derivatives and can discuss why it’s important. “The administration’s new rules for derivatives are welcome. The fact that the people who believed in the market self-limitation are at the helm is […]