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Google/AdMob deal okayed

Despite concerns that Google could extend its Internet marketing dominance into the emerging field of wireless devices, federal regulators approved the company’s $750 million purchase of its mobile advertising rival AdMob.  Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, said it looks like the right decision given rapid changes in the market such as […]

iPad rival from Verizon/Google

Verizon and Google are teaming to develop a tablet computer in their combined effort to catch up with Apple‘s iPad and host AT&T.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, head of the Information Systems Department, is researching competition in business network and says this is a new form of competition — not between firms […]

Google buys 3-D software maker Bump

Continuing its furious buying spree, Google has acquired Bump Technologies, maker of software that makes computer desktops appear to be 3-D.  This latest acquisition by the world’s most popular search engine, says School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, just intensifies the competitive battle between Google and Apple. “Looks like Google and Apple may be defining […]

FTC sniffing Google-AdMob deal

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly preparing an antitrust challenge to Google’s proposed acquisition of the mobile-advertising company AdMob, and asked AdMob competitors about what the deal would mean for consumers.  Law Professor Keith Hylton, an authority on antitrust law, says be weary of what the competitors say — even in sworn statements. “If the […]

China counters Google

After Internet search giant Google redirected millions of Chinese users too its uncensored Web site in Hong Kong, the Chinese government countered by blocking access to the alternate site.  Political science and international relations Professor Joseph Fewsmith, a China expert, says move by the government that insists on censorship wasn’t a surprise. “I’m surprised Google […]

Microsoft, Google antitrust sparring

Google says Microsoft is waging a proxy war by hijacking lawsuits brought by third parties to crank up antitrust sentiment against it so that regulators clamp down on Google’s growth.  Law Professor Keith Hylton says legal weapons have become competitive tools among big technology firms. “I don’t think there are any angels left in the high-tech sector […]

Google may quit China

They’re still trying to gauge the fallout of Google threatening to pull its business out of China because of massive cyber attacks against the Internet-search giant.  International Relations Professor Joseph Fewsmith, an authority on Chinese domestic and international politics, says this big news. “It has obvious implications for all businesses operating in China. No doubt […]

Google & Yelp, maybe not

Talks have broken down after a flurry of stories saying Google was about to buy the online local search and business-review provider Yelp in order to expand search advertising opportunities.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, chairman of the Information Systems Department, says a Google acquisition of Yelp could benefit both. “Yelp could play an important part […]

Apple/Google co-opetition

After years of staying out of each other’s way and thriving, Google and Apple now fight over the same start-up acquisitions and develop competing products.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, chair of the Information Systems Department, says it embodies the shift under way in how companies compete in the era of convergence shaped by information […]

Google blinks at publishers

Google has agreed, as a concession to publishers of paid content news, to let them limit the number of free articles accessed through the Internet search engine.  Journalism Department Chairman Lou Ureneck calls it a positive development for the media indusry, and ultimately for consumers. “The free traffic in articles that news organizations have put […]