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NBC banking on Leno

In the run-up to NBC launching “The Jay Leno Show” 5-nights a week in prime time come September, the network is flooding the advertising marketplace — TV, movie theaters, billboards, on airplanes, in gyms, elevators, even taxi cabs — with promotions for the show.  College of Communication advertising Professor Sue Parenio can discuss the unprecedented nature […]

Jay hands “Tonight” to Conan

As host Jay Leno hands over NBC’s “Tonight Show” to Conan O’Brien, late night television continues to evolve.  College of Communication Professor Cathy Perron, who heads the school’s TV department, can discuss the ever changing nature of television programming. Contact Cathy Perron, 617-353-4976, cperron@bu.edu

NBC vs. WHDH-TV on Leno

Mass Communication and Public Relations Professor Christopher Cakebread says NBC is upset about Boston station WHDH-TV deciding not to carry the new Jay Leno show at 10 p.m., in lieu of local news, because the network fears the move may spread. “NBC’s greatest concern is the domino effect that might occur if WHDH replaces Leno at […]