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Microsoft, Google antitrust sparring

Google says Microsoft is waging a proxy war by hijacking lawsuits brought by third parties to crank up antitrust sentiment against it so that regulators clamp down on Google’s growth.  Law Professor Keith Hylton says legal weapons have become competitive tools among big technology firms. “I don’t think there are any angels left in the high-tech sector […]

EU ends Microsoft antitrust case

After Microsoft agreed to market its rival’s browsers alongside its own Internet Explorer, the European Commission settled its last antitrust issues with the software giant.  Law Professor Keith Hylton says the deal makes sense to both Microsoft and the European regulators, but he sees a problem looming. “This settlement may encourage even more aggressive theories […]

Bing gaining on Google, Yahoo

Latest user data shows that Microsoft’s new Internet search engine, Bing, continues to gain ground on those of industry leaders Google and Yahoo.  With Microsoft now joining forces with Yahoo in taking on Google’s command of the lucrative Net ad market,  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman says the next key milestone will be […]

Microsoft, Yahoo deal done

In a big deal for the Internet search world, Microsoft and Yahoo have entered a partnership to take on Google.  Microsoft’s new Bing search engine will power Yahoo’s search, and Yahoo will be the global sales force for both companies’ search advertisers.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman says it’s a good deal for […]

Microsoft targets Web

By offering details of its Web-based, free version of its Office software, Microsoft continues its strategy of profiting both from boxed software and online distribution.  And it marks the latest battle in the business war between Microsoft and Internet-based rivals like Google.  School of Management  Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, head of the Information Systems Department, […]

Google challenges Microsoft OS

Google now says it has developed an operating system for PCs that can challenge Microsoft’s Windows domanance.  School of Management Senior Associate Dean Mike Lawson, an authority on information and computers in management, says it’s the latest chapter of the “disruptive process” of moving computing from desktops to the Internet. Contact Mike Lawson, 617-353-2664, mlawson@bu.edu

Microsoft’s new Xbox

Microsoft bills it as full-body interactivity.  “Project Natal,” it’s new Xbox gaming technology, dumps the controller for a camera-based full-skeletal-mapping technology that makes the user the remote.  College of Communication Professor Hyun-Yeul Lee, an expert on gaming design, can discuss the technical and social implications of the new Xbox 360 console. Contact Hyun-Yeul Lee, 617-353-5974, […]

Learning to “Bing” it

In its effort to better compete with Google, Microsoft is rebranding its search engine.  Microsoft’s “Live Search” (which used to be “MSN Search”) is now officially called “Bing” — or as Microsoft says, “the sound of found.”  School of Management marketing Professor C.B. Battacharya can discuss the challenges of rebranding and retaining brand loyalty. Contact […]

Facebook gets Russian investment

Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian investment firm, is investing $200 million for a 1.96-percent stake in the social networking site Facebook.  School of Management Professor N.Venkat Venkatraman, chairman of the Information Systems Department, says this won’t challenge Microsoft’s investment in Facebook which is more of a strategic partnership. Contact N. Venkat Venkatraman, 617-353-7117, venkat@bu.edu

Microsoft to unveil new search engine

Word’s out that Microsoft plans to unveil next week a new version of its Internet search engine.  Meantime, Yahoo says it plans to improve the way it’s engine performs searches.  School of Management Professor N. Venkat Venkatraman, who heads the Information Systems Department, can offer perspective on how the moves will affect the battle to […]