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Google blinks at publishers

Google has agreed, as a concession to publishers of paid content news, to let them limit the number of free articles accessed through the Internet search engine.  Journalism Department Chairman Lou Ureneck calls it a positive development for the media indusry, and ultimately for consumers. “The free traffic in articles that news organizations have put […]

Moody’s: Stop printing newspapers

Moody’s Investors Service says the already low credit ratings for newspapers will fall even further if the industry doesn’t deal with the “structural disconnect” that spends 70% on non-content production.  Moving to a hybrid Web-print combination now and gradually Web-only is the only solution.  College of Communication Professor Chris Daly, an expert on the history […]

Newspapers in Troubled State

Newspapers are in a quandry.  Print advertising revenues are dropping but Web ads can’t make up the difference, and the industry is reluctant to ask for a bailout from the government it covers.  In the latest move, the Sunday Times of London reportedly plans to launch a standalone Website and is considering charging readers for it.  College of Communication […]

Readers will have final say on newspapers

College of Communication Professor Lou Ureneck, the former Philadelphia Inquirer deputy editor who now chairs the Journalism Department, says the clear public demand for good journalism as measured by online readership could bode well for the troubled newspaper industry.  “If the public’s demand is real,” he says in a Boston Globe op-ed, “the challenge is […]

Boston Globe Future Still Cloudy

With Boston Globe Newspaper Guild members still considering the final contract offer from owners at the New York Times, the Globe’s publisher is predicting more reductions but a future for New England’s largest paper.  Meantime, sources say the Times is looking for a buyer.  College of Communication Dean Tom Fiedler, a former executive editor of […]

Google “stealing” from papers is misguided notion

College of Communication Dean Tom Fiedler, a Pulitizer winner and former executive editor of the Miami Herald, says the threat by the Associated Press to take on Web aggregators who distribute news stories without paying for them is misguided. “I think the AP and its newspaper members have more to lose than to gain from […]

Easing antitrust policy for newspapers smart move

College of Communication Professor Lou Ureneck, chairman of the Journalism Department and former executive editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, says the Justice Department’s willingness to consider easing antitrust policy for newspapers would be good for the struggling industry. “This is a positive and reasonable government response to the newspaper crisis.  Newspapers are the chief source […]

Will someone step up to buy the Boston Globe?

Since January 2007, the value of the New York Times Co.’s New England Media Group, which includes the Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, has dropped by $980 million. As the Boston Globe’s financial woes worsen, speculation is rampant about the possibility that someone will step up to buy the region’s largest paper […]

Tribune Co. to drop Associated Press

  Professor Lou Ureneck, Journalism Department chairman in the College of Communication and former deputy editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, comments on the Tribune Company’s decision to drop AP news service. “If the Tribune follows through and actually drops the AP, it will hurt the Tribune more than the AP, but it is not a […]