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Afghanistan’s mineral future

Word that war-torn Afghanistan has at least $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits already has that country’s officials scrambling to start the process of opening up the nation’s reserves to international investors.  Anthropology Professor Thomas Barfield, who also is president of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, says cashing in on the potential will take […]

Two senior Taliban leaders arrested

As U.S. and Pakistani intelligence agents press their offensive, two senior Taliban leaders have been arrested in Pakistan.  International relations Prof. Charles Dunbar, who once headed the U.S. embassy in Kabul during his four-decade diplomatic career, says the arrests indicate that the Pakistan government may be inclined to help the U.S. more on the war in Afghanistan […]

Taliban leader’s capture confirmed

Pakistan has confirmed the capture of the Taliban’s top military commander, the result of a joint effort by Pakistani and U.S. intelligence agencies.  International Relations Professor Joseph Wippl, a 30-year CIA operations officer, said it highlights the need for such joint enterprises. “The capture of Mullah Abdu Ghani Baradar demonstrates once again that the success […]