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Trim the Sides to Trim the Calories

Gearing up for that big Thanksgiving feast, but looking for ways to avoid those dreaded holiday pounds? ¬†Joan Salge Blake, Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, explains how to trim down some of your favorite side dishes without sacrificing taste and tradition.¬† Be sure to check out Joan’s […]

A Thanksgiving Series from Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Tip #4: Trim the alcohol. A glass of wine can be enjoyable with dinner, but let’s face it: Alcohol adds more calories to your Turkey Day feast. On top of that, spirits can weaken your willpower, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. Save the first toast for when the turkey is served and sip […]

A Thanksgiving Series from Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Tip #3: Trim the amount of food you eat. We stuff ourselves silly on Thanksgiving because we’re afraid we’ll have to wait another 12 months before we can indulge in the whole turkey thing again. Try to remember that this is America. If you want a turkey with stuffing and apple pie a la mode […]

A Thanksgiving Series from Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Tip # 2: Trim the amount of food you serve on Thanksgiving. Take a head count. How many pilgrims and Indians are you really feeding? I bet it’s a lot less than the first Thanksgiving. I know you want leftovers because they’re the best part of the whole holiday, but do you really need a […]

A Thanksgiving Series from Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Between now and Thanksgiving, Registered Dietitian and healthy eating expert Joan Salge Blake will be offering tips to trim turkey day weight. Tip # 1: Carve out an earlier time to eat. When Thanksgiving dinner is served at 2 or 3 p.m., we tend to skip lunch in an attempt to make room for a […]

Thanksgiving Tips: Avoid that Too-Full Feeling

Boston University’s resident nutrition expert Joan Salge Blake was quoted in a Washington Post article this week providing tips on how to avoid feeling too full during your Thanksgiving meal: “Eat breakfast: Don’t starve yourself during the day. Otherwise, you’ll be so ravenous come turkey time you’ll stuff yourself silly. Move the mealtime: Eat at […]