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Best Weight Loss Advice You’ve Never Heard

Joan Salge Blake contributed to an eye-opening piece that is finally offering dieters tips other than “eat more veggies,” including Joan’s idea: “Weight Loss Tip No. 7: Downsize Your Dinnerware:  Experts say they’ve seen it again and again: The larger your plate, the more you’re likely to put on it. So serving your meals on […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Tip No. 5: Flatter the cook Cooks always bring out their best recipes for the holidays. The only problem is that they expect you to eat all that food even if you are stuffed. Unfortunately, cleaning your plate is a signal to the hostess that you enjoyed the meal. Tip: Ask him or her for […]

Thanksgiving Tips: Avoid that Too-Full Feeling

Boston University’s resident nutrition expert Joan Salge Blake was quoted in a Washington Post article this week providing tips on how to avoid feeling too full during your Thanksgiving meal: “Eat breakfast: Don’t starve yourself during the day. Otherwise, you’ll be so ravenous come turkey time you’ll stuff yourself silly. Move the mealtime: Eat at […]