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Free speech and tobacco regulation

A free-speech fight is brewing over part of the bill, which President Obama will sign, giving the FDA regulatory control over tobacco.  It pits the public interest in preventing young people from smoking against the right of tobacco companies to advertise to adult smokers.  School of Law Professor Tracey Maclin, a Constitutional law expert, can […]

FDA rule over tobacco just smoke?

After decades of trying, Congress now will give the FDA regulatory contol over tobacco.  College of Communication advertising Professor John Carroll explains in a WBUR-FM commentary how the “smoke and mirrors” of cigarette marketing will likely still leave Philip Morris ahead of the pack. Contact John Carroll, 617-353-3493, carroll7@bu.edu

Could smokeless e-cigarettes derail FDA tobacco regulation?

The proposed Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco products is running into unexpected opposition from such health groups as the American Lung Assn., American Cancer Society and Tobacco-Free Kids. Why? They want to include electronic cigarettes, now sold on line and at mall kiosks, that contain no tobacco, produce no smoke, and help many smokers […]

Congress moving closer for the FDA to regulate tobacco

A Senate committee this week takes up a House-passed version of a bill that will give the FDA broad powers over the marketing and manufacturing of tobacco products — including full disclosure of cigarette, cigar and other tobacco product ingredients. It also would require tobacco companies to expand the size of warning labels, ban harmful […]