Welcome back & New 1L Representatives

The Business Law Society extends a welcome as we commence on our 2012-2013 academic school year. We look forward to the opportunity this year holds and seek to exceed our past achievements. Our first general meeting, held on September 20, enjoyed very strong and enthusiastic interest, especially from the 1L class.

Our 1L Representatives, whom 1Ls can and should approach, will be responsible for promoting the BLS, receiving input from classmates, and exercising leadership along with the Executive Board. The 1L Reps were confirmed in our first e-board meeting held onĀ  This year our 1L Representatives are the following:

  • Phil Chang
  • Alyce Chen
  • Adriana Henquen
  • Julie Krosnicki
  • Lisa Ann Landry
  • Robert Murphy
  • Yelena Nam
  • Chloe Pletner
  • Michael Vandenberg
  • Sarah Won

Our main event of the year is scheduled for February 15, 2013. Mark your calendars for the inaugural Business Law Conference. The Conference will feature four panels of BU Law alumni. The panelists will discuss career opportunities and emerging issues in the fields of M&A, Financial Restructuring and Distressed Opportunities, Capital Markets & Securities, and In-House Counsel. The Conference will conclude with a networking reception.

Please feel free to reach out to DJ or Nathan with any questions.

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