Startup & Venture Resources

  • Innovation Nights
    • Boston is the home of the original Innovation Nights events. It all started in April 2009 as Mass Innovation Nights (MIN) with a website and a monthly event designed to help local innovators increase the buzz around new products and companies.
      Every month ten companies bring new products to the event and the social media community turns out to blog, tweet, post pictures and video, add product mentions to LinkedIn and Facebook statuses, and otherwise help spread the word.
  • Greenhorn Connect
    • Boston’s entrepreneur hub for resources, events, and organizations
    • A Cross-Disciplinary, Multi-Stakeholder Research, Education, & Innovation Platform. Extended vision of Living Labs takes this concept to the next level focusing on creating collaborative, multi-disciplinary empirical real-world environments,  in addition to incorporating translational research activities where innovative products and services can be conceptualized and validated then ultimately  “spun out” into new venture initiatives.