Email 9/4/09

Sweatshirts Come by the GSU Wed. Sep. 9 between 4pm and 6pm to pick ’em up. You are more than welcome to eat dinner and chill with us too. Bring your student ID.

First Meeting Wed. Sep. 9 at 9pm in CAS STO B50

Deadline for Medforms and Dues Sep 31st ($85 check or cash).

Mark your calendars: Ski and Snowboard Expo Nov 19-21st.

Competitors: Early registration for USASA ends Oct. 31st.

Selling Gear? Shoot us an email and we’ll put it on the bottom of the email so members can contact you– remember, some freshmen don’t have anything and you could free up some space in your room.

Upcoming Van classes*

New Drivers (longer class, no foreign licenses, good driving record)- Sept 10 from 4-8, FitRec Conference Room (limit 20). Register:

Old Drivers (15 min, bring license)-

Tues Sept 8 10am-10:30am and 2-2:30pm;

Wed, Sept 9 10-10:30am; 5:45pm [this session in the Conference Room in FitRec, 2nd floor in the offices]

Thurs, Sept 10 10-10:30am and 2-2:30pm.

All classes just show up to RM 222 in FitRec. *Members who are van certified get first dibs on Sunday & weekend trips

Questions, email/talk to us,

Katie Ashley Taylor Warren and Alexa

Check out our BUST Website

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