Video Premieres

Friday night about 20 kids from the BU Snowboard Team went down to BLVD Shop to check it out. We really dug the digs they carry. “We’ll be back,” we say. General conversations about how we hope to snowboard soon, what new gear we bought over the summer, and what we’d be doing over the weekend came up. All thoughts of exams and papers melted away. All that mattered was the here and now.

When the clock struck 9:45 we ambled towards the Other Side, some people joining us or leaving us on the way. We approached the door, showed ID, and many of us recieved the [disgraceful] black “X” on our left hand. We proceeded to mull and converse, now with the loud music of the two story bar slash restaurant.

Alas, finally the movies start! Ah the grace and athleticism of snowboarding. We all wish to do what they do, but we must wait until it snows. In between the movies, as there were two, there was a great product giveaway. Many people walked away with tshirts, hats, and other snowboarding goodies. This was a great first team event and they will only get better. Everyone enjoyed themselves, remembering last season with old friends and making new friends with their new teammates all the while getting to watch pros beast it on screen.

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