Dues and Medforms Due!

1. Dues & medforms due this week

2. Season pass forms and money are due FINAL date NOVEMBER 18TH. No cash, only accepting checks made out to “Stratton mountain,” money orders, or credit/debit cards, all made out for $295.00, tax included. THAT’S IN TWO WEEKS!!! After that you cannot get this extended BUST discount price. Have your money now? Bring money to meeting this week and you can fill out a form at the meeting.

3. Workout tomorrow at 6pm at Fitrec

4. Saturday there is a video premiere/kickoff party for all of those 21+. We need to know specifically who wants to go so we can get you on the guest list (free cover). Email back today or we can’t get you on the list.

5. If you are thirsty you should come to the meeting too. Code Blue energy might show up to fill you to the brim with delicious energy drink.

6. Come support our fellow BUST member/officer Taylor at BU’s Funniest Student Finals. Its next Thursday at BU Central. It’s all based off of crowd voting and he needs us. Plus, Taylor is a funny guy, heck, he might be BU’s funniest!
See you Wednesday at 9pm in STO B50,
Katie Ashley Taylor Warren Lauren and Alexa
Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST)


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