Ski and Board Expo

It’s getting chilly out, which means its time to suit up…

But are you worried your gear might be out of style? Or maybe you’re worried because you don’t have any gear at all? New Boots? Broke your board? We have an answer for everything: Boston’s Annual Ski and Snowboard Expo!

Everything is super marked down East Coast Alpine is having a killer sale, not to mention plenty of other winter outfitters. And there’s tons of free swag to go around.

When: Thursday November 14 – Sunday November 17; Check the website below for times.
Where: Seaport World Trade Center
200 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA 02210
Tickets: $12 (there’s a coupon on the website for $2 off) buy here:¬†
How: Get there with the T, take the green line to the red line to the Silver line. If you’re coming from BU that goes a little something like this:

1. Green line to Park Street
2. Red Line to South Station
3. Silver Line to World Trade Center
4. Walk around for a while until you find it

Worried you’re going to get lost? That’s ok, because you probably will, it’s kind of a hike. Fortunately, all of us BUSTies who have made the trek alone in years past are happy to guide you.

BUST will be taking a group trip on Friday November 15. We’re leaving from Marsh Plaza at 5pm. Be there or…good luck.

For more information or to buy tickets (hint: there’s a coupon on the website for $2 off a ticket!) click here.

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