Season Reminders

What’s up BUSTies? Things are getting real out on the snow so we want to make sure that you guys are all set to have the most stellar season. Think of this as a checklist, if you don’t have all of this done – LET US KNOW! We’ll make it happen.

1. Pay Dues
2. Fill out Medical Forms (Consent to Treat and Online Medical Questionnaire): link to the online form here:
3. Buy Season Pass: Make sure you get the discount code from us at the meetings. If you can’t make it to the meetings, let us know!
4. Upload photo to your account on Killington’s site
5. Pick up pass: If you’ve been notified by Medina that she has your pass, then find her. If she doesn’t have your pass then it will be printed at the mountain. To be safe, go to the BU Registrar’s office and get a proof of enrollment letter so that the mountain won’t give you any trouble when giving you the discounted pass.
6. Shred!

Other stuff to remember so that you’re super prepared for the awesome season ahead: Next Meeting – Wednesday December 4. Don’t miss it, it could change your life.

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