Meeting Reminders 1/15

Happy Spring Semester BUSTies. The best thing about spring semester… is it’s winter, so it’s time to shlarp the gnar. Or whatever you want to call it. It was great to see so many of you out at our first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, keep it up because when you don’t come, we just look like losers. Anyway, in case you missed it or just forgot, here’s what’s going on for the week!

1. FIRST TRIP of the semester Sunday 1/19. Check the facebook group for bus departure times. When in doubt, call one of the officers! Hopefully you signed up at the meeting and paid us $10. If you didn’t, make sure you bring it on the bus with you, because we’re more aggressive than we look.

2. Competitions: Not sure when you’re competing? Not sure if you’re competing (hopefully not)? Any questions about competing, talk to Josh.

3. CHILL: There’s still time to become a CHILL volunteer! So if you want to do something good while snowboarding and you have time on Tuesdays or Wednesday afternoons for the next six weeks…you should do this! Find out more at¬†and talk to Helen for more deets. (Or just shoot us an email). You will generally leave campus around 3:30 to drive to Wachusett Mountain and be back in boston around 10pm.

4. Team Bonding: See the facebook group for more info on all of our fun team bonding activities.

5. FACEBOOK: You’ll notice I keep telling you to check the facebook group. If you’re thinking, oh hey, I don’t know what facebook group that is, maybe you should let us know. We use that to share most of our information so shoot us an email and let us know if we still need to add you!


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