How to sign up for competitions

  1. Register to join the USCSA .
    • Go here and create an account to register:
    • You will need:
      1. Unofficial Transcript (for reference; not required to submit)
      2. Number of Completed Credit Hours
      3. Confirmation of Health Insurance
      4. Emergency Contact Information
      5. Previous Transcripts (Transfer Students)
    • Come to the meeting on Wednesday Nov. 20 so that the club can cover your registration fee. If you cant make it, contact a club officer to set a time to do it. If yo do not do either of these, you waive your right to get the club to pay your fees.
  2. Here is their Calendar:
  3. Get stoked.
  4. Work out, you athlete you. Come to dryland and practice trips!
  5. Get van certified. (We need you to do this because we need at least 2 certified drivers per van but after a day of competing it would be nice to be able to take turns and also safety)
  6. Participate in fundraising for the team. BUST will pick up your registration fee and first competition lift ticket fee but to do this we need your help to fundraise.
  7. Compete!

Deadline: Get registered or contact an officer by Nov. 25th.


This year, we’re competing in the USCSA Eastern Conference for the first time in the club’s history. The schedule is on the link above. If you are interested in competing with BUST, follow the registration steps above, participate in fundraising events, and we’ll pick up the tab for competition fees. Check out the website to learn more information about the Eastern Conference.

Full Schedule:

It’s been a while since we last competed, but we’re bringing it back!

Check out these 2020 results:

Saturday, January 25 | Magic Mountain – Slalom 

  • Sarah Montanaro – Silver
  • Bailey Newsome – Bronze
  • Sebastian Caramondanis – Silver

Saturday, January 25 | Magic Mountain – Slopestyle

  • Sarah Montanaro – Gold
  • Joseph DePaolo-Boisvert  – Silver

Saturday, February 1 | Whaleback Mountain – Slalom 

  • Jasmine Higgins – Bronze
  • Zachary Hyman – Silver

Saturday, February 1 | Whaleback Mountain – Slopestyle

  • Levi Emery – Silver

Saturday, February 8 | Magic Mountain – Slalom

  • Sebastian Caramondanis – Silver

Saturday, February 8 | Magic Mountain Slopestyle

  • Sarah Montanaro – Gold
  • Cameron Hill – Gold

Sunday, February 9 | Magic Mountain Slopestyle

  • Phillip Harrington – Silver
  • Cameron Hill – Bronze

*We’ll be updating this page and the stats on it regularly as we continue to compete and place.*

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