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Support Us!

Hey BUST, alumni, family, and friends,

Do you want to support your team? You can! All you have to do is go to the link at the bottom of this post.

Boardercross Feb 6

You can send us money by credit card online or by sending a check in the mail. Under the "My Gift Information" section, in the "please direct my support to" question, scroll down past varsity sports to the club sports and choose "Friends of Club Sports: for Snowboarding." Your gift will support our team in our weekly trips, competitions (including sending us to nationals!), and maybe even sweatshirts. We would really appreciate it!

Support Us at:

Thank you,

Katie Ashley Taylor Alexa Lauren Warren and Geoff

group picture on president's day

Sigh of Relief aka Winter Break

What up BUST?

Just wanted to remind you that the Barnes and Nobles fundraiser is the day before classes start on Tuesday, Jan 12! Try to make it back for a couple hours to help us out. We don’t need you all day, but we’ll need people there all day.

Van Certification class is Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 5-8pm.  If you need to become certified to drive, please go to this website and sign up  THIS IS ONLY FOR NEW DRIVERS. THIS IS THE ONLY CLASS OFFERED THIS SEMESTER. Drivers are welcome to take the course on their own at their own expense through the Massachusetts Safety Council if they absolutely cannot make this class.  The link to that site is

Our first meeting is Wednesday Jan. 13 at 9pm in CAS STO B50. Be there. We'll have probably have extra sign-ups for the first trip to Stratton.

We had our first competition the other day and Katie Moore came away with the gold x2 in Slalom. Congrats!

Keepin warm,


Season Pass Forms Due!

1.  Season Pass Forms are DUE WEDNESDAY! No exceptions. You can pay with check, money order, or everybody’s favorite credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex)!!! Its $295 (with tax) made out to Stratton Mountain.

2. Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo this weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Its always a lot of fun! Check out our Facebook Event for the times. You take the red line to JFK/UMass and the Expo Center is right there. We’ll try and go as a group on Saturday (stay tuned for a time). Lots of gear on sale and tons of booths. The entry ticket is about $10, but you can use this coupon. Also, BEAN and BERN want some help so if you’re interested, come to the meeting and we’ll hopefully have more info about what they’d like you to do.

3.  If you’re competing this year, we’ve got a list of people but we may have missed you so if you aren’t getting those special emails, please tell us via

4.  Lauren Dunlop is competing to become a Rockstar On Campus Rep for BU, and this week she needs everyone's support! Please go on Facebook, join her facebook group and then write on the wall for Rockstar to show the love! Copy and Paste "LAUREN DUNLOP FOR R* REP BU!" on the ROCKSTAR wall. She will be supplying the team with free Rockstar 24/7 if she wins!
5. ROCKSTAR Energy Drink will be at the meeting this Wednesday at 9pm STO B50 to give out free ice-cold Rockstar, and talk about sponsoring our events, parties and getting a few riders hooked up with Rockstar shwag!

6. If you want an 8 magazine subscription to Snowboarder Magazine, please bring $5 cash to the meeting & we’ll hook you up.

7.  Workout at Fitrec at 6pm.

8. There's a huge party at Game On this Saturday. Unfortunately its 21+.

BERN Party

Do we hook you guys up or what?

Katie Ashley Taylor Warren and Alexa
Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST)

Twitter us @busnowtm

p.s. we're going to send out another round of sponsor codes & proforms later this week.



Katie Basse here, writing to you from deep (deeep) within the Colorado Mountains. I'm at Copper Mountain of course at the USASA Nationals Competition. Yesterday was a practice day. All the competitiors in every age group had about an hour to practice their event. The events are Boardercross, Slopestyle, Giant Slalam, Slalam, and Halfpipe.

Here's how the competition works: There are 6 groups of riders that contain different age groups and genders. Every day, a different group has one of the competitions with one day off (6 groups, 5 events, get it?).

I'm in Group 3 which has menehune girls (10-11), breaker girls (12-13), youth women (14-15), junior women (16-17), and women jams (18-22).  I was also in women jams. On the practice day, there was about a half a foot of fresh powder and it was snowing. Figuring out the timing of the jumps was a bit tricky and the boxes were a bit sticky. I got in 3 practice runs during our timeslot. The jumps were bigger than at the slopestyle comps at Okemo but I got used to it.

Today was the competition. There was a little bit of new snow but not too noticable. The trails and terrain parks were freshly groomed with packed powder. It was also sunny and not too cold. I got on the lift around 8:20am and just rocked it. Thankfully there was a mini park, a some big jumps, and a rail park on the way down to the slopestyle course so there was a lot of places to practice when you couldn't get on the course. The first heat had menehune girls, breaker girls, and youth women. The second heat had junior women and women jams. During our practice time from 12:40-1:10pm, I only got in one run but I got the feel of the jumps so I could dial in my speed. Then we started the runs. After the first run I was in 8th. But in the end I got 13th out of 20 competitors. Not too shabby for the BU Snowboard Team's first appearence at Nationals.


Hey BUSTies,

Everyone had a great time at Stratton this past weekend. The US Open was going on. Erica said hey to Shawn White. Katie was jealous. But we also saw Anti Autti rock the slopestyle event. We got some free stuff. But the riding was pretty good. It was a perfect day. Then all of a sudden, there was a flash blizzard of 2inches of powdery snow. We were slowed down a little because all the wax had been scraped off by the ice rocks at Tremblant the week before. But, to no avail, we were just happy to be out in Vermont ripping it up.

Some sweet pics:

we were there

find more on facebook

Weekend Update

This past weekend the snowboard team was very very busy. A group of 4 went up to Vermont Friday night and stayed with Coach Mike's friend Becca (thanks!). They came bearing gifts in the form of a Brita pitcher. It was quite an adventure to get that Brita too. They had to sneak in the exit of the supermarket because apparently in Vermont everything closes at 9pm on a Friday night. Then they went to Okemo Saturday morning. Katie and Lester got their bibs and got stoked to compete in slopestyle. The course was SO well groomed and everything was marked with snow paint and flags. They took some practice runs and then trained until their runs. They arrived on the scene expecting practice runs. Unfortunately, the organizers decided to wipe the practice time and just have the riders throw down. Katie and Lester got a little nervous. However, they rocked it and in the end, they received medals. Then they drove home to Boston.

Sunday, everyone got up early in the morning and hopped on the bus. This week, unlike all the others before, the bus wasn't filled to capacity (Gasp!). Its possible that everyone is gearing up for President's Day. But, all in all, it was a good day.