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Last News before Thanksgiving

Hey Guys,

Here’s what’s included in the email this week:

1. Upcoming Events

2. Chill

3. Spring Break

4. Sponsors

5. Mark your Calendar

1. Upcoming Events

A) Ski and Snowboard Expo.

The Expo is all weekend at the Bayside Expo Center off the JFK/UMass stop on the Red Line. Its easy to get to and it’s a lot of fun. If you need gear for the season, this is a great way to get it.

******If you want to go with the group, meet Lauren & Taylor at BU East T Station at 10am. If we change time/place we’ll message the facebook group & twitter it.

B) Clean Agganis Fundraiser after the hockey game at 9pm on Friday Dec. 11. Come out to support our team and have fun in the process. Email us at if you can come.

2. Chill

Chill is a six-week, learn-to-snowboard program for underserved inner-city youth.  The youth we work with come from a variety of backgrounds, including foster care or group home situations, low-income public schools, juvenile justice systems, and drug rehab programs to name a few.  Many of these youth lack positive role models, consistency of any sort, or the availability of positive extra-circular activities. As a volunteer you can help to change all of this.

On-Snow Volunteer:

We ask that volunteers choose one day of the week that works best for them and attend Chill on that same day of the week at least three times throughout the six-week program. This arrangement creates consistency for the youth because the volunteers work with the same group every time.  The days this year are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  It starts the 19th and goes on for 6 weeks from there including a possible make up day(s) at the end.

We’ll leave around 4pm from campus and go to Wachusett. You help out the kids and then you ride until the mountain closes (around 11p). If you want to participate in Chill with BUST, please and we’ll put you on the list.

3. Spring Break

If you want to go to Copper Mountain, Colorado this Spring Break with a group of kids who love to snowboard and party, then talk to your parents over Thanksgiving Break. You’ll need to pay a deposit, in the form of a plane ticket between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester. Please .

4. Sponsors

Members see email for proforms and codes.

5. Mark your Calendar

Dec. 6 First Sunday trip to Stratton

Dec. 11 9pm Clean up Agganis

BUST Love,

Katie Ashley Taylor Warren Lauren Geoff and Alexa
Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST)

Season Pass Forms Due!

1.  Season Pass Forms are DUE WEDNESDAY! No exceptions. You can pay with check, money order, or everybody’s favorite credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex)!!! Its $295 (with tax) made out to Stratton Mountain.

2. Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo this weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Its always a lot of fun! Check out our Facebook Event for the times. You take the red line to JFK/UMass and the Expo Center is right there. We’ll try and go as a group on Saturday (stay tuned for a time). Lots of gear on sale and tons of booths. The entry ticket is about $10, but you can use this coupon. Also, BEAN and BERN want some help so if you’re interested, come to the meeting and we’ll hopefully have more info about what they’d like you to do.

3.  If you’re competing this year, we’ve got a list of people but we may have missed you so if you aren’t getting those special emails, please tell us via

4.  Lauren Dunlop is competing to become a Rockstar On Campus Rep for BU, and this week she needs everyone’s support! Please go on Facebook, join her facebook group and then write on the wall for Rockstar to show the love! Copy and Paste “LAUREN DUNLOP FOR R* REP BU!” on the ROCKSTAR wall. She will be supplying the team with free Rockstar 24/7 if she wins!
5. ROCKSTAR Energy Drink will be at the meeting this Wednesday at 9pm STO B50 to give out free ice-cold Rockstar, and talk about sponsoring our events, parties and getting a few riders hooked up with Rockstar shwag!

6. If you want an 8 magazine subscription to Snowboarder Magazine, please bring $5 cash to the meeting & we’ll hook you up.

7.  Workout at Fitrec at 6pm.

8. There’s a huge party at Game On this Saturday. Unfortunately its 21+.

BERN Party

Do we hook you guys up or what?

Katie Ashley Taylor Warren and Alexa
Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST)

Twitter us @busnowtm

p.s. we’re going to send out another round of sponsor codes & proforms later this week.

Team News

1. Season pass forms and money are due FINAL date NOVEMBER 18TH. No cash, only accepting checks made out to “Stratton mountain,” money orders, or credit/debit cards, all made out for $295.00, tax included. THAT’S IN TWO WEEKS!!! After that you cannot get this extended BUST discount price. Have your money now? Bring money to meeting this week and you can fill out a form at the meeting.

2. Check your email. If you have turned in your med form and dues, you have the Ashbury Eyewear proform and send us an email for the Skullcandy code. If you haven’t turned in your dues and med form, you won’t be getting any more emails from us.

Meeting Wednesday at 9pm in STO B50

Dues and Medforms Due!

1. Dues & medforms due this week

2. Season pass forms and money are due FINAL date NOVEMBER 18TH. No cash, only accepting checks made out to “Stratton mountain,” money orders, or credit/debit cards, all made out for $295.00, tax included. THAT’S IN TWO WEEKS!!! After that you cannot get this extended BUST discount price. Have your money now? Bring money to meeting this week and you can fill out a form at the meeting.

3. Workout tomorrow at 6pm at Fitrec

4. Saturday there is a video premiere/kickoff party for all of those 21+. We need to know specifically who wants to go so we can get you on the guest list (free cover). Email back today or we can’t get you on the list.

5. If you are thirsty you should come to the meeting too. Code Blue energy might show up to fill you to the brim with delicious energy drink.

6. Come support our fellow BUST member/officer Taylor at BU’s Funniest Student Finals. Its next Thursday at BU Central. It’s all based off of crowd voting and he needs us. Plus, Taylor is a funny guy, heck, he might be BU’s funniest!
See you Wednesday at 9pm in STO B50,
Katie Ashley Taylor Warren Lauren and Alexa
Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST)


1. Movie Premiere of Transworld Snowboarding’s “Get Real” and sale of season pass to Stratton, Okemo, & Sunapee for $279. Includes a subscription to the magazine. There will be lots of giveaways. TOMORROW, Tuesday, October 27th 2009. BU Central 7-9pm. *
2. Meeting Wednesday at 9pm in STO B50
A. A representative from Bean Snowboards will be here to talk about all the exciting stuff happening at Bean. They’ll also be discussing possible opportunities within the company (e.g. internships, models, people to demo, riders for videos/photos, etc.)
B. A representative from the SnowRiders will be here to talk about their awesome snowboarding travel opportunities and upcoming events in and around Boston.
C. Bring yo dues & medforms fools (we’ll have extra medforms on hand, bring yo medical card). These are due Nov. 11.
*this might be a good idea if you don’t like to use forms and/or you have your money now. BUST will have forms starting Wed. until Nov. 17 (firm deadline).
We love snow, and we’ll take your questions too,
Katie Ashley Taylor Warren and Alexa
Boston University Snowboard Team (BUST)

Email 9/4/09

Sweatshirts Come by the GSU Wed. Sep. 9 between 4pm and 6pm to pick ’em up. You are more than welcome to eat dinner and chill with us too. Bring your student ID.

First Meeting Wed. Sep. 9 at 9pm in CAS STO B50

Deadline for Medforms and Dues Sep 31st ($85 check or cash).

Mark your calendars: Ski and Snowboard Expo Nov 19-21st.

Competitors: Early registration for USASA ends Oct. 31st.

Selling Gear? Shoot us an email and we’ll put it on the bottom of the email so members can contact you– remember, some freshmen don’t have anything and you could free up some space in your room.

Upcoming Van classes*

New Drivers (longer class, no foreign licenses, good driving record)- Sept 10 from 4-8, FitRec Conference Room (limit 20). Register:

Old Drivers (15 min, bring license)-

Tues Sept 8 10am-10:30am and 2-2:30pm;

Wed, Sept 9 10-10:30am; 5:45pm [this session in the Conference Room in FitRec, 2nd floor in the offices]

Thurs, Sept 10 10-10:30am and 2-2:30pm.

All classes just show up to RM 222 in FitRec. *Members who are van certified get first dibs on Sunday & weekend trips

Questions, email/talk to us,

Katie Ashley Taylor Warren and Alexa

Check out our BUST Website

First Meeting Update


It was great to see all the returning members out at Splash yesterday. We had a blast chillin and meeting prospective members.

Our first meeting is going to be next Wednesday, September 9, at 9pm in STO B50. We’ll be going over all the stuff going on this year,  what you can expect etc. Also, we’ll cover all your questions about costs, trips, sponsors, social activities and anything else.

Hope to see you there!

Katie Ashley Warren Taylor Alexa

August Update

We’re convening next week to discuss this year’s plans. We’re excited about the upcoming year and we hope you are too! We’ll update the webpage soon but until then, we’ll be blogging and twittering.

Come to Splash on Aug. 31st from 11am-2pm on Nickerson Field because we miss you.

Katie Ashley Taylor Alexa and Warren