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Hey BUSTies,

Everyone had a great time at Stratton this past weekend. The US Open was going on. Erica said hey to Shawn White. Katie was jealous. But we also saw Anti Autti rock the slopestyle event. We got some free stuff. But the riding was pretty good. It was a perfect day. Then all of a sudden, there was a flash blizzard of 2inches of powdery snow. We were slowed down a little because all the wax had been scraped off by the ice rocks at Tremblant the week before. But, to no avail, we were just happy to be out in Vermont ripping it up.

Some sweet pics:

we were there

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Weekend Update

This past weekend the snowboard team was very very busy. A group of 4 went up to Vermont Friday night and stayed with Coach Mike's friend Becca (thanks!). They came bearing gifts in the form of a Brita pitcher. It was quite an adventure to get that Brita too. They had to sneak in the exit of the supermarket because apparently in Vermont everything closes at 9pm on a Friday night. Then they went to Okemo Saturday morning. Katie and Lester got their bibs and got stoked to compete in slopestyle. The course was SO well groomed and everything was marked with snow paint and flags. They took some practice runs and then trained until their runs. They arrived on the scene expecting practice runs. Unfortunately, the organizers decided to wipe the practice time and just have the riders throw down. Katie and Lester got a little nervous. However, they rocked it and in the end, they received medals. Then they drove home to Boston.

Sunday, everyone got up early in the morning and hopped on the bus. This week, unlike all the others before, the bus wasn't filled to capacity (Gasp!). Its possible that everyone is gearing up for President's Day. But, all in all, it was a good day.