How to increase Telegram members

Telegram, a social network that attracted one million users in the first three months of its activity!

Magic and its popularity came to the eyes of marketers and various brands entered this space.

After a while, the content production space in Telegram became more professional than before Telegram space is also full of different and attractive contents.

Attracting members to this space helps businesses and individuals accelerate and get their message across to more people.

But what are some ways to increase Telegram members?

How can the audience be more involved with the content of the channel? Is it okay to use fake members or miscellaneous methods to get started?

Then join us to introduce ways to increase Telegram members and review the answers to the above questions.


9 practical ways to increase Telegram members

Increasing the number of Telegram members is a goal that requires a lot of effort and continuity.

In general, content marketing shows its effectiveness in the long run and attracting members is not something that can be done in a week. Here are some tips to help you grow faster:

1- Specify the goal before starting the activity!

It does not matter if you have a personal account or a business. The most basic question you need to ask yourself is what is your purpose in working for Telegram?

The question may be obvious, but many people and brands just want to succeed! What is the definition of success? Is your goal to sell more?

Do you use Telegram as an information channel for upcoming programs?

Determine the path you are going to take from the beginning so that in addition to choosing the right steps to reach the goal, you can have a correct evaluation of your achievements.

In order to define the goal, you must have a content strategy, which we will explain in more detail below.

2- Creating a content strategy for the Telegram channel

If you just start producing content without considering different dimensions, you will not have an audience that has a deep connection with you.

Even if the number of Telegram members increases.

Audiences who are willing to do something after receiving the value of your content or do not leave your channel after a while.

Your content must be produced for a specific purpose and for a specific target audience or person.

You will have members from all walks of life who have been following you for some time and ultimately do not have much impact.

To formulate a content strategy, you should consider questions such as the following:

Finally, what do I want to say?

To whom do I want to convey my message?

Why do I want to convey such a message to my audience?

In what tone do I want to present my content?


3- Having a clear identity is the first step to increase Telegram members

The first encounter of Telegram users with your channel is summarized in the visual identity that you intended for the channel.

This means that the bio part and the colors and designs of your channel should reflect the character of your account well.

Are you a serious person or brand that talks about specialized issues and targets a specific group of people in the community?

Are you funny and have a more intimate, intimate tone when talking to your customers or audience?

What exactly are you doing and what are you going to talk about on your channel?

All these questions should be well covered in the bio section!

In addition, the colors and designs of your posts should follow a certain pattern.

Also, do not select a difficult username. It should be as easy as possible to find you in the telegram or tag you.

Adding specific numbers or characters to your channel ID is not recommended.

4- Success in increasing Telegram members

The main condition for success in the Telegram space is to continuously produce and publish content.

If you are lucky in the beginning of your career and some people follow you, the best way to lose them is not to be active!

In the crowded atmosphere of Telegram, you should try to stay in the memory of your audience and to do this, you should be constantly active.

Find the right time to get free Telegram subscribers and try to publish your posts at a time when more users are active.

You can use the information provided by Telegram in the insights section.

This statistic is the most reliable information you have to choose the right time to publish a post. Also pay attention to the correct size of the telegram post.

Creating a calendar and scheduling content will help you get your content train on track.

5- Active presence in the Telegram space, introducing the channel to others

In addition to what you do for your channel content, you should also have extracurricular activities to become better known.

Something that is underestimated and less addressed. Leave a comment below the posts that your audience is following and interact with others to see more of yourself.

One of the best examples of this happened on Twitter. When Iranian brands got involved in a funny game and this event was welcomed by users.

Telegram space is no exception to this rule. Leave a comment for others, like different posts so that eventually you will be seen more because of these actions.