Swine Flu—Should we worry?

Hey Everyone! My name is Chris, and I’m the communication manager at the Dean of Students Office.  So, as you can probably imagine, we’ve been getting a lot of calls and E-mails from people concerned about the issue of Swine Flu.  To say that it’s not a big deal would be hogwash.  Here’s a bit of info I have found and passed along.  From me to you.

As of right now, there have been cases of Swine Flu in 36 states throughout the United States and numerous countries throughout the world.  But how much should we be worrying about it?  While the World Health Organization is toying with the idea of upgrading the Swine Flu’s status to “pandemic” (which is simply a statement of geography not how many people have it), officials at Boston University are preparing in the event that it drastically affects the University community.

The plans are in place, though we may not know what they are.  I don’t pretend to be one of those people in the know because I’m not.  But I know they’ve got it taken care of.  BU Student Health Services is working tirelessly with their prevention efforts as shown by the quadrupling of Purell dispensers across campus.  BU has even set up an info page on Swine Flu!

Over the weekend, however, we learned of a BU dental student recovering from a probable case of Swine Flu.  BU Today has been covering the possible Swine Flu case.  Check out the article and the FAQs page for more information on the case as well as ways to help keep yourself safe.

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