Why didn’t Dean Elmore put me on the Dean’s List?!

And I’m back–everyone’s favorite blogger (except not really).  One of the many things we get questions about in our office is the Dean’s List.  Dean’s List is a fantastic award that you can receive by getting certain grades, dependent on your college.  While the name would lead one to believe that the Dean of Students might be responsible for this, unfortunately he’s not.

I can assure you, if he had a list, you’d be on it.  Everyone would.

If you have gone abroad, for example, and need to talk to someone about whether or not you’re on the Dean’s List, you actually will want to contact your school or college’s dean’s office.  This is the dean who makes the infamous list.  Those phone numbers are listed below.

CAS: 617-353-2400,

CFA: 617-353-3350,

CGS: 617-353-2860,

COM: 617-353-3471,

ENG: 617-353-6447,

MET/SEP: 617-353-2977,

SAR: 617-353-1983,

SED: 617-353-3177,

SHA: 617-353-0930,

SMG: 617-353-9107

Your most recent graduate (Hooray, Class of 2009!),


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