Read. It’s how we roll.

It’s 91 degrees outside. Beach weather. And while we may not be on the beautiful sandy shores (ahem…) of Massachusetts, we’re day dreaming about our beach reads. The titles are all below, and everybody had a little something to say about their reads, which you’ll also find below. Enjoy!

Dean Elmore: “I read lots of books at once, usually. A favorite? Hmmm…I’ll go with The Ghost Map. But I’m also busy catching up on Gossip Girl. The show. Not the book.”

Dean DeLuca: “Brothers in Arms: the Kennedys, the Castros, and the Politics of Murder. Yeah. That sounds like me.”

Kat: “I just finished Nothing is Quite Forgotten in Brooklyn. It was GRRRRRREEEEAAT. Now I’m moving on to Rattled…” **here, kat launches into euphoric monologue about subject of said new book.**

Dan: “Tipping Point. Then Blink.”

Dean Weldon: “The Road. It’s depressing. And there’s lots of cannibalism. You, know, because of the end of the world…”

Susan: “I’m reading James Carroll’s books right now. American Requiem was a great read.”

Celie: “Apologize, Apologize. I heard about it on NPR. It’s Fantastic! I think it may secretly be about my own family.”

Laurel: “I am reading Cold War books for class. That’s all. But if I could, I’d be reading Finger Lickin’ Fifteen.”

So, that’s who’s in the office today, and that’s what we’d be reading if we were on a beach right now, as the weather is suggesting we should be.

Turnin’ those pages,


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Jake Thielen posted on June 6, 2009 at 1:50 am

So far I have read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards about a doctor in the 1960’s who sends his daughter with downs syndrome to an institution and the nurse ends up raising her and how it affects everyone. Great read!

I am also finishing up a book called The Paradox of Choice that proposes that too much choice (especially in freer societies such as the US) is debilitating and actually makes us unhappy. Very thought-provoking!

I must admit that I have read New Moon in the Twilight series. No comment needed. I also reread Prisoner of Azkaban for fun… never gets old.

Some books on my list, though, are A Prayer For Owen Meany, maybe Pillars of the Earth (if I feel really ambitious), The Mermaid Chair, Great Gatsby, Life of Pi, and The Lovely Bones. I love summer for this very reason!

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