Safety? That one’s on us.

Here’s a challenge: name one BU student you know who isn’t guilty of leaving their backpacks, bags, or even laptops in the GSU. Or my personal favorite, when a student asks someone else (usually a complete stranger) in their general vicinity to watch their belongings? I’ve done it. Many times. Honestly, who hasn’t?

Here at the Dean’s office, we’ve got safety on the mind. Today, I’m capturing footage for an upcoming judicial affairs video, so I have lots of time to reflect on safety (and to write you!) while our footage captures….

There are so many small, day-to-day, personal decisions that we make about our safety, the safety of our belongings, and even the safety of our community. So many, in fact, that the majority of the time we don’t really think about them.

So…I came up with a list according to the footage I’m watching. It’s in no particular order and, please, by all means, feel free to suggest additions in your comments. After all, the goal here is not the preach or punish, but to change the way we make decisions on campus in order to make ourselves and our community safer.

1. You know the candy in the GSU CampCo? turns out, it’s not up for grabs. Even if you can get away with it, don’t steal. Next time you reach for that chocolate-covered pretzel, pretend its your laptop–which is probably sitting in the library or GSU at that moment anyway–and think about what it’d feel to return to find it stolen.

2. Which brings me to my next point: watch your stuff. That one’s pretty self explanatory, so I’m gonna move on.

3. Yes, we live in Massachusetts. No, that does not mean pot is legal. No, that does not mean we condone underage drinking. Yes, you will face disciplinary action by BU and fines or worse for breaking the law.

4. We got a call this morning about a door in south campus that has been propped open for the last several days. That means anyone in Boston, anyone on their way to a Red Sox game, anyone walking through south for whatever reason, has access to one of our housing complexes. Safe? Not so much. Please don’t prop doors.

5. Look both ways. **queue instinctive roll of the eyes.** No, but seriously. Think about it…every time you cross comm ave you’re dealing with at least four lanes of traffic, if not six or eight, two T lanes, and goodness knows how many bikes. Pedestrian safety is a huge issue in Boston…looking both ways several times can save your life and possibly someone else’s.

Okay, I don’t want to sound preachy, so I’m going to stop with those. I’ll be sure to post the video when we’re done with it. I promise it’s much more fun than the list above. But please try and keep those things in mind. I certainly need to.

Be safe this summer. And all the time, for that matter. 🙂


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