Please Keep Swine Flu, I mean H1N1, away from Boston University

Dining Services gave us a list of 10 ways to help keep everyone on campus healthy and I have added my thoughts for outside of the Dining Halls.  Just follow these simple steps to keep illnesses to a minimum.


1. Wash your hands with soap and hot water BEFORE entering the dining room.

Just wash your hands! Whenever you have the chance, wash your hands. During cold and flu season, you can’t do it enough.     

2. Use the provided Liquid Hand Sanitizers when you enter the dining room

Also, stop by CVS and get your own bottle of liquid hand sanitizer, so you can kill all those germs when you can’t wash your hands.

3. Use a new plate each time you get more food.

4. Use a new cup for drink refills.

Don’t share things with others that you have put near your mouth, that includes the pen you chew on during class. 

5. Always use the utensils provided at each station.

Please don’t use the fork you just had in your mouth to serve yourself more mac and cheese!!

6. Avoid eating while standing in line for food.

7. Sneeze (and cough) into your arm instead of your hands

I’m sure you learned this in kindergarten, so just keep doing it.  Cover your Cough.  Also try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth. 

8. Avoid shaking hands during flu season

This might be going a little overboard…but try to wash your hands (or use Purell) before or after you shake hands with someone. 

9. Stay in your room when sick to prevent the spread to others. Call your dining hall manager & we’ll make arrangements to drop off food (Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.)
What?? We can get the dining hall to deliver to us when we’re sick?!  That’s awesome!  I have never tried this, but it would be really nice if it is possible.  If the Dining Hall doesn’t work, try to guilt trip a friend into getting you anything that will make you feel better, but try to keep the number of visitors to a minimum.

10. Clean up with bleach

I’m not quite sure what they think I could spill in the Dining Hall that I would need to clean up with bleach, but using bleach to clean up dorm rooms or apartments (especially kitchens and bathrooms) is a very good idea.     

Here is a guide from the State of Massachusetts about how to prevent and treat both the flu and colds.

For more info about H1N1 click here.

Check out the BU Today Story.

Terrier Hugs (just don’t get too close)

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