2011: The Time Is Now


Word on the streets is that the Class of 2011 are in their last semester. I want to refuse to believe that, but if enough people say it, it must be true right? I mean, I guess that’s what happened with the Verizon iPhone at least?

One of the best things about being a senior (besides all the academic achievements and accolades) is coming together as a class to celebrate what we’ve accomplished. ¬†And let me tell you, four years of challenging work, snowy winters and living on the Green Line deserve a lot of celebration. The main set of events comes at the end of the semester between finals and commencement: the famed senior week. But why should you only celebrate after you’ve finished – why not start way ahead? Why not start 121 days ahead?

Lucky for us, BU is having a huge bash the first Thursday we’re back on January 20th – just 121 days before we graduate! AND, word on the streets (that are coated in snow right now) is that some tickets to the House of Blues senior week event will be on sale there. Getting down and getting tickets? Yes, please.

The party is in a tricked out Metcalf Hall and starts around 10 p.m. What are you waiting for? Register for it here. And check out the Facebook event page for more details:


Stay Warm Elder Terriers, I’ll see you there!


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