Take the Competition Online

Hey there Terriers,

Like Kedzie said, last night may have not have been what we were hoping for. But there is a lot of hope yet to beat BC at something else. Take a look at this scoreboard:


Now that is a beautiful sight. What is it, you might ask?  BU is competing in the SCVNGR Beantown Challenge – a competition between these four schools for whose students can be the most active between 2/7 and 2/14. You can find the full details and prizes (including Celtics and Kylie Minogue tickets!) on Dean Elmore’s new Facebook page.  If you’re new to SCVNGR check out my post on the basics of this awesome iPhone / Android application.

The competition runs until 2/14 and since we’re doing so well our new goal is to hit 10,000 points by its end. Word on the street is there might be a huge get together for everyone involved when we get there!

So download the app, play the challenges, and keep up to date on Dean Elmore’s Facebook page and on the Facebook event!

Let’s Rock This BU!


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