BU: A Foodie’s Dream

Hey BU!

Even though we all know and love BU Dining Services, there are times when you’ve had one Panda bowl too many. If you are willing to spend a little money out of your own pocket, here are my recommendations for the best noms around BU.

Angora Cafe – Best froyo.

Absurd amounts of goodness

Absurd amounts of goodness

Best mix-ins available and anything you could possibly want. Reasonable prices, and coupons found in the coupon books from Barnes and Noble. (Make sure to pick one of these bad boys up.)

Japonaise Bakery – Best everything.

An Donut with red beans. SO GOOD!

An Donut with red beans. SO GOOD!

Egg and ham tea sandwiches? GREAT. Cream puff pastries? AMAZING. An donut? YOU CAN’T LEAVE BU WITHOUT EATING THIS!

Noodle Street – Best Thai food.

Sure, Brown Sugar is pretty tasty. But Noodle Street has the best Pad Thai around and is conveniently located next to SED (and they deliver!).

Cafe Pompeii – Best North End restaurant for the cash-strapped.

If you love Italian food, this is your jam. Located in the historic North End, Café Pompeii offers the quintessential Italian experience on a budget. Also, if you ever get in the mood for gnocchi at 1 am, this is one of the restaurants that stay open late, like absurdly late.

Budda C – Best Sushi/Asian Bistro

Delicious. And gone in 60 seconds.

Delicious. And gone in 60 seconds.

After they replaced my beloved Jae’s, I went into Budda C with disdain. While the service is a little slow at times, they have amazing sushi and Asian entrées that are well worth the wait. And there is a GIGANTIC buddha too, who doesn’t love that?

Also, I highly recommend following BUEats for the best updates on everything foodie near BU!

Get ready to loosen those belts BU.


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