On the seventh day of BU, Ziskind gave to me…

…So much free coffeeeeeeeeee!

…Some hope that I’ll be okay.
…a HILARIOUS finals freakout
…an epic night at Tequila Rain
…FREE Sunset Nachos
and suuuupperr cheap massages!

Hey again, Terriers!

SmileYourCoffeeLovesYouGREAT NEWS. If you have a caffeine addiction like me, and you’re camped out in the GSU (also like me) there is a ton of free coffee up on the second floor. I basically live in the Ziskind Lounge (Club Z…?) so I was delighted to see that the coffee has been set up for study period and will be here all week!

I’m lovin’ it.

And I’m quite hyper.

Keep being you, BU, and GET ON YOUR STUDY GRIND.


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