On the eighth day of BU, Aerie gave to me…

…super cute (and cheap!) holiday panties!

…So much free coffeeeeeeeeee!
…Some hope that I’ll be okay.
…a HILARIOUS finals freakout
…an epic night at Tequila Rain
…FREE Sunset Nachos
and suuuupperr cheap massages!

Hey Terriers!

Good news for the ladies (or guys, who are very, very into their feminine side)!

TONIGHT Aerie stores are holding a Merry Aerie Gifting Party from 6-9 p.m. You’ll receive a ridiculous 40% off your entire purchase and a free tote to carry around all those gifts (self-gifting is completely acceptable).

ooh la la

ooh la la

Here’s to wearing your holiday’s best, BU! 😉


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