It’s Game Time, Baby.

I don’t remember much about the 2008 Super Bowl. I have literally repressed it in my memory, the way people repress traumatic incidents. What I do remember is that it was the Giants v. Pats. NY vs. New England. And the Patriots were the heavy favorites. After that…nothing. Couldn’t tell you where it was played. Couldn’t tell you who the halftime show was. I have literally wiped the events of February 3rd, 2008 from my mind. Even today, four years to the day later, I find it hard to think of it. For years, I have longed for a chance to get even. To reclaim what was rightfully ours. TO CRUSH THE GIANTS. I mean…ahem. I mean…I am an impartial representative of the BU FYI blog. I have no affiliation to either team except for the fact that I am a life-long New Englander who would probably jump in front of a speeding train for Bill Belichick.

Anyway, clearly I will be watching the game. And I bet you will be, too. Now, here’s the big question – where will you be watching it? If you’re in Indy, well, I hate you and you should stop reading this and go stalk Gronk (if you find him, give him my number). But if you’re in Boston, like me, there is a hot spot that you should definitely check out:

Watch this video on YouTube

Yeah, you heard Dean Elmore right – there will be ice skating, food, and four HUGE TV screens playing the biggest game of the year – and possibly one of the biggest games in Patriots history. Agganis Arena, 5 PM on Sunday – BE THERE!

One other note, dear Terriers – please stay safe and please stay smart! Win, lose or draw, we all have to remember to be respectful of one another and this awesome city that we call home. Even for someone as passionate about the game as I am, I am keeping in mind that, in the end, it’s just a game. (WITH THAT BEING SAID, GO PATS!!!!)

Patriots Pride Forever,


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