Beanpot Viewing Party! (In other news, we are really good at hockey.)

So, in case you didn’t know, the Patriots failed in their second attempt to best the NY Giants in the Super Bowl. I would have probably been inconsolable about this if not for the fact that, the VERY NEXT NIGHT, the Terriers did their best to cheer me up by steamrolling Harvard in the Beanpot, bringing us to the finals against…DUN DUN DUH…BC!
The game, which will be played next Monday, on 2/13, is going to be at the TD Garden – but if you can’t get there, BU Central will host a Bean Pot Championship game viewing party. They are GONNA WIN. I can feel it. Be there at BU Central to cheer on the Terriers!

Until then, keep being you, BU!


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