In honor of Valentine’s Day, Meet One of Our Heartthrobs!

Upon careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we have never formally introduced ourselves to you fine folks. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, what sweeter way to celebrate than to introduce one of our very elite seniors.

The one and only Julia Butler.

Note the necklace.

Note the necklace.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but Julia is from Maine. Like really from Maine. So much from Maine that if I could describe her using three objects, they would be L.L. Bean boots, blueberries, and a voice that can be heard over violent, crashing waves. Beyond being the poster child for Maine, Julia obsesses over television. Mainly British. She may have actually watched too much Downton Abbey, as she has adopted the language. See below tweet.

Flatmates. Really I wasn't joking.

Flatmates. Really I wasn't joking.

However, beyond all of these quirks that make Julia, well Julia, she is an amazing writer and we are very lucky to have her on not only the DOS staff but also as one of the quality students who write for BU FYI. As the spring semester slowly trickles away (sorry guys, it’s a fact) I wish her the best of luck after graduation. Here’s to small ladies doing big things!

Don’t forget to keep checking back to meet us BU! You never know when one of our striking personalities will be featured.

Happy Tuesday!


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