Dogs and Marketing: The Ultimate Dream Team

Hey BU!

If you happen to know me at all, you’ll know that one of my biggest passions is that for four-legged creatures. That’s why when I heard about HubSpot‘s Inside Sales for Charity event to benefit NEADS (National Education for Assistant Dog Services(also known as Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans)), my little heart exploded with joy.


On Tuesday March 6th from 3:30 to 6 pm, HubSpot is partnering with Green Leads to bring the inside sales community together in an effort to raise $10,000 for NEADS through their phone-a-thon. The cause is a good one folks; and 100% of the donations brought in go directly towards sponsoring a service dog for those in need. Now, knowing BU and the amazing talent our university harnesses, I absolutely believe that anyone who registers for the event can be the all star who not only raises money for this great cause, but who also takes home the iPad (Oh wait did I forget to mention there are prizes?! iPads and Apple TV’s oh my!).

Look at that upstanding canine! (see what I did there)

Look at that upstanding canine! (see what I did there)

In addition to using your skills to give back, it is also an awesome networking event that gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the HubSpot celebs (I’m looking at you, graduating, frantic, job-searching seniors).

With two hours of your time, you have the opportunity to have an incredible impact on someone’s quality of life, in addition to showing off those sales skills you’ve garnered over the years. And with free pizza, beer, and dogs, I don’t think I need to say a word more to convince you to register.


When: Tuesday, March 6th 3:30-7
Where: HubSpot 25 First Street, Second floor, Cambridge, MA 02141

Make Rhett proud, Terriers.


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