The Final Countdown

Hey there, Terriers,

As the flowers begin to bloom and freshman prospies arrive on campus, it becomes ever clearer that my final semester is coming to an end. I used to laugh at people who said senior year would fly by… but suddenly, here I am, a month away.

For the final few weeks of the academic year, FYI is going to add a bit more personal flare from each of its writers, allowing us to ramble, laugh, rant, and yes, reflect. Two of the blog’s writers are staring graduation in the face… so expect some posts that are excited and others a bit sad.

Instead of talking about my own experiences in this post, I want to leave you all with a video that orientation has been playing at closing ceremonies for some time. Although most incoming students don’t immediately grasp all the witty jokes and brilliant metaphors, those of us who have spent some time on campus can really relate.

Watch, enjoy and keep being you, BU.


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