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Spring Has Sprung!

Hey BU, Can you believe it’s almost Spring Break? With midterms winding down and warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to revisit some of our favorite Boston spots. Check out this foursquare list we made! Have more ideas? Tweet us @BU_FYI with your suggestions! Enjoy your spring break, Terriers! –Emma

Beantown Challenge!

Hey Terriers, Want a chance to win $500 dollars in LevelUp credit? Or how about a year’s worth of Agganis concert tickets? This year, BU’s ready to dominate the Beantown Challenge for the second year in a row. Check out our Facebook event page to learn more and start playing. Good luck! -Emma

sh*t Nobody Says at BU

Hey BU, The parody videos of “sh*t ____ says” and “sh*t nobody says” have reached a whole new level. This weekend, we stumbled upon this gem from BU students Katie McCormick and Allison Lynch. We certainly hope you all know who Dean Elmore is at this point. Happy Monday, terriers! -Emma

Alternative Spring Breaks!

Hey there Terriers, In the cold of winter here in Boston, I know many of you are thinking about spring break. But before you rush to book tickets to Cabo or Florida, consider participating in the Community Service Center’s Alternative Spring Breaks program. The CSC has over 30 trips across the country (and even Puerto […]

On the tenth day of BU, YouTube gave to me…

…the best of BU LipDubs, THE HOPE OF SNOW!!! …super cute (and cheap!) holiday panties! …So much free coffeeeeeeeeee! …Some hope that I’ll be okay. …NO MORE CLASSES!!! …a HILARIOUS finals freakout …an epic night at Tequila Rain …FREE Sunset Nachos and suuuupperr cheap massages! Terriers, I’m sure you know about the super-awesome 115 Days […]

On the forth day of BU, YouTube gave to me…

… a HILARIOUS finals freakout. …an epic night at Tequila Rain! (Day 3) …FREE SUNSET NACHOS! (Day 2) and suuuupperr cheap massages! (Day 1) Just remember Terriers, at least this didn’t happen in Mugar. Happy finals! -Emma

Terriers Giving Back

Hey BU, Thanksgiving Break is finally here!!!! Can you believe the semester has flown by so quickly? As the holidays are fast approaching, we like to remember just what’s important around campus. The Community Service Center at BU is a great way to do just that. This season, the CSC is participating in Angel Tree. […]

Terriers, The time has come. BU needs your help. The Dear Abbeys, our incredibly-talented all-male a capella group (who are also not too bad on the eyes, if you know what I’m saying) are nominated to win the ZipCar Students With Drive Challenge. If they win, the Dear Abbeys recieve $5,500 for their student group. […]

Think You Know BU?

Hey Terriers, Recently, a new Boston-based startup company called Smarterer launched campus specific tests to see just how “smart” you are about your school. Think you know all about Boston University? Give it your best shot and see if you can walk the walk. Good luck, Emma

Broke College Students, Rejoice!

Hey there Terriers, How did it get to be mid-October already? As your semester is flying by and work is piling on, i’m sure you’re looking for as many ways to procrastinate as possible… or maybe that’s just me. That being said, as a broke college student, I’ve recently discovered a new webpage that’s quickly […]