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The Final Countdown

Hey there, Terriers, As the flowers begin to bloom and freshman prospies arrive on campus, it becomes ever clearer that my final semester is coming to an end. I used to laugh at people who said senior year would fly by… but suddenly, here I am, a month away. For the final few weeks of […]

Get Linked In!

Hey Terriers, Trying to snag a nice job? Want to keep in touch with the professionals you meet and enhance your social networking? If you are, I’m guessing you have a LinkedIn profile (merp… I see some blank stares…) but are you getting the most out of it? Whether you’re struggling to optimize your LinkedIn […]

Kick Off SB2012 Tonight!

Hey there, Terriers! I know you’re all itching for spring break and the thought of one more miserable day is killing you, so why not start the celebration a little early? Go out tonight, let loose, and relax. No plans, though? Meet me at BU Central tonight for some goold ol’ A Capella. From 9-10, […]

Midterms Music Therapy

Hey there, Terriers! So I’ve been waiting all winter for snow, and we don’t get it, and then when I’m finally over hoping and wishing, it snows. OY. Give me that springtime sunshine, Boston! With my luck, it’s going to blizzard on my birthday—and my birthday is in June. What’s worse, through all this crappy […]

And the Nominees Are…

Hey there, Terriers! Happy Jerzday! Oops—did I say that? I’d like to thank you for taking a moment away from BU Memes to focus on something else (because let’s be honest, you were either reading them or cursing that they still exist). What we have for you today is pretty cool, and I know a […]

On or Off? BU’s Housing Expo

Hey there, Terriers! As an off-campus resident, I have to admit I do not miss the anxiety of waiting for my housing lottery number. Every day, you wait, checking your mailbox. Nervous. Excited. Desperate. You see something. Damn…jury duty. The next day, a letter from your mom. THEN BAM. It arrives, and panic sets in. […]

Secret Valentine ;)

Hey there, Terriers! Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I’m sure the student body is split between excitement and apathy, but there’s one thing we can all be pumped about: the Dean of Students’ secret valentines. Keep your eye out for DOS staff members who will be carrying a bunch of heart shaped cards. There’s a […]

Let’s Get Made

Happy Friday, BU! Tired of the day-to-day routine?  Been meaning to make a big change? Well here’s your big break, terriers. MTV will be coming to campus on February 7th and 8th to cast for their newest episode of MADE. Yeah, that’s right—MTV is jumping into the big leagues of college campuses to hunt down […]

FYI: A New Look and Feel

Hey there, Terriers! I’m happy to announce that the new BUFYI website will be launching within the next few weeks. What’s that mean for you? A lot of great new material, images and interaction. We’ve been working very hard on getting our new site ready for you, so be sure to check in as new […]

On the eleventh day of BU, Google gave to me…

… a moment of snowy bliss! …the best of BU LipDubs …THE HOPE OF SNOW!!! …super cute (and cheap!) holiday panties! …So much free coffeeeeeeeeee! …Some hope that I’ll be okay. …NO MORE CLASSES!!! …a HILARIOUS finals freakout …an epic night at Tequila Rain …FREE Sunset Nachos and suuuupperr cheap massages! Hey there, Terriers! TOMORROW’S […]