On the sixth day of BU, Dory gave to me…

…some hope that I’ll be okayyyyyy.


…a HILARIOUS finals freakout
…an epic night at Tequila Rain
…FREE Sunset Nachos
and suuuupperr cheap massages!

Good morning, terriers.

Sorry I missed you yesterday but I just couldn’t think of something awesome to give you on the sixth day. Never fear, though, because I woke up this morning and thought “what do we all need right now? Something to laugh at in between studying and panic attacks!”

With that in mind, here’s a little movie clip to brighten your day.

Oh and HOW LUCKY ARE YOU!? SO LUCKY. Because day seven will be launching later.

Keep being you, BU, and just keep swimming.


On the 5th Day of BU, BU gave to me…



...a HILARIOUS finals freakout

...an epic night at Tequila Rain

...FREE Sunset Nachos

and suuuupperr cheap massages!

YOU GUYS CLASSES ARE DONE FOR THE SEMESTER! I hope you're all celebrating as much as I am (and if you're celebrating in the same way I am, then you are marathoning Law & Order SVU and ordering a lot of pizza).  I feel that, today, a congratulations is in order for all of you. You did it, BU! One more semester down! Give yourselves a pat on the back!

And now go study. Remember, less than ten days until finals are OVER!

On the forth day of BU, YouTube gave to me…

... a HILARIOUS finals freakout.
...an epic night at Tequila Rain! (Day 3)
and suuuupperr cheap massages! (Day 1)

Just remember Terriers, at least this didn't happen in Mugar.

Happy finals!


On the third day of BU, Senior Week gave to me…

...an epic night at Tequila Rain!
and suuuupperr cheap massages! (Day 1)

Lookin' gooood.

Lookin' gooood.

Tonight, Senior Terriers... tonight.

Head down near Fenway with your fellow soon-to-be graduates for another night of fun and mayhem (oops, did I say that?), this time at Tequila Rain. Be sure to dress in some hideous holiday sweaters to compete for a prize.

Special drinks include Rhett Punch ($6.75) and Frozen Terrier Nog ($7.50).

The event is BU SENIORS ONLY so be sure to have your BU ID and 21+ ID on you.

Keep being you, BU, and I'll see you there.


On the second day of BU, Delivery.com gave to me…

and suuuupperr cheap massages! (Day 1)

Hey Terriers,

14244_816886600550_901447_46871645_6301884_nI bet you're eating tons of junk during these stressful weeks, so why not continue the trend with some mouth-watering nachos from Sunset Cantina!

Delivery.com, a food service here in Boston (similar to Grubhub and others), is sending a representative to the GSU tonight from 6:30 - 8:30 in room 315. Find your way there and chow down. Not hungry? Whatever. It's still a cool way to procrastinate and get some details on what Delivery.com has to offer.

Until tomorrow, keep being you, BU.


On the first day of BU, Student Health Services gave to me…

...super cheap massages!

Terriers, as finals stress looms I'm sure we're all feeling a little more tense than usual. Did you guys know that Student Health offers awesome massages at cheap prices?

An excellent way to relieve some stress...

An excellent way to relieve some stress...

If you've got as much work as I do, I'm sure you could use some relaxation! Here's the info - massages are only $40 each! What an excellent holiday gift to yourself, huh Terriers?

By the way, keep an eye on this blog! (I'm sure you do already, though, am I right guys?) For the next 12 days, I, along with my fellow bloggers, will be bringing you the 12 Days of BU! Expect fun tips, stress relieving ideas, or suggestions of gifts YOU can buy US for the holidays! (Joking. Kind of.)

Now go get those massages!

It Has Never Felt So Great to BU

Hey there, Terriers,

Read this and love your life: Boston University Named the Best Place to Go to School in the Country


As if we needed proof that we're the best university in the Boston area, now we have it in writing. And we're not just better than our hometown rivals like BC, Northeastern and Harvard; Unigo college review put BU as the number one place to go to school in the country.

The news about our awesomeness has been flooding social media all day (does that surprise you?) so I thought I'd continue the info blast with a quick blog post. Your job? Keep spreading the word. Tell everyone. Brag. And then when new students come to campus, be as friendly and helpful as possible. We're the best, Terriers, so let's keep that going.

Keeping being you, BU, because clearly it's working.


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, But Feel A Lot Like The 4th of July

Seriously, you guys, what is up with this weather? If there are lights on the trees up and down Comm Ave, finals soon to beupon us, and (rumor has it) Christmas music has been playing in a few of the Dining Halls around campus, wouldn't you expect the temperatures to be dropping? So what gives with the balmy 70 degree weather we've been treated to? Will the Frog Pond on Boston Commons even freeze over at this rate? Will we be forced to dig our shorts out of our closets? Will I use anything besides interrogative sentences in this entire blog post?

Seriously, guys, it's, like...REALLY warm out.

Seriously, guys, it's, like...REALLY warm out.

Well, just because it's so darn hot out, I figured you guys might need a little help getting into the Christmas spirit. Check out the guide to ABC Family's Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas, as well as what you have to look forward to when the 25 Days of Christmas actually start. At any rate, it'll help you procrastinate finals studying! Enjoy!


Terriers Giving Back

Hey BU,

Thanksgiving Break is finally here!!!! Can you believe the semester has flown by so quickly? As the holidays are fast approaching, we like to remember just what's important around campus. The Community Service Center at BU is a great way to do just that.

This season, the CSC is participating in Angel Tree. This program sponsors families during the holidays. You can choose to sponsor a small to large family and donate things they might need. The Community Service Center facilitates all of the matching with families. All of your donated gifts can be dropped off directly in their office.


So grab your floormates, sorority sisters, classmates, and friends. Make a difference in Boston this holiday season.

For more information, check out the CSC's page here or email Nina Burke at eventscsc@gmail.com.

Happy Thanksgiving, Terriers!


You SOOOOOO Funny, BU!

Hey there, Terriers!

A quick reminder for all you folks looking for some plans before you hit the town Friday night: BU Central is hosting the "BU's Funniest Student" competition (Round 1) from 8:30 - 11:30pm!

We all need a laugh by the end of these stressful academic weeks, so come see the funniest comedians on campus duke it out for BU supremacy. Contestant include:

  • Nick Peine
  • Jason Weitzman
  • Martin Nolan
  • Ari Stern
  • Kyle Sauer
  • Cody Brotter
  • Nick Sawyer
  • Alex Pomerantz
  • Ross Huston
  • Beth Brodsky
  • Ian Barton
  • Shawn Musgrave
  • Will Huebner
  • Paul Hlatky
  • Jon Gaudet

For information, check the official facebook event!

Until  then, keep being you, BU!