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SCVNGR Comes Back to Haunt Us!

It’s Joint Blogging Time PART TWO – this time from the men of DOS bringing you a brand new spoOOooky SCVNGR trek just in time for Halloween! With 12 challenges and enough ghosts to scare that entire army from 300, The Ghosts of BU trek will take you for a spin across campus you won’t […]

BU Goes Mobile

Hey there Terriers – hope you’re enjoying all the new activity on our exciting student blog. We’ve got a great group working in our office this summer and I happen to be one of them! Since I was a wee freshman I’ve worked in DOS and now somehow three years zipped by and I’m a […]

Terrier Tip-Off, or the Lack of Blacelets

It’s Trusty Assistant Kat (you may know me from Dean Elmore’s blog), making a cameo over on the FYI Student Blog. You may notice we’ve gone kinda dorment for a while – fret not, we’re just working things out with our academic year crew of student employees. The real reason I am here on the […]

Why didn’t Dean Elmore put me on the Dean’s List?!

And I’m back–everyone’s favorite blogger (except not really).  One of the many things we get questions about in our office is the Dean’s List.  Dean’s List is a fantastic award that you can receive by getting certain grades, dependent on your college.  While the name would lead one to believe that the Dean of Students […]

Swine Flu—Should we worry?

Hey Everyone! My name is Chris, and I’m the communication manager at the Dean of Students Office.  So, as you can probably imagine, we’ve been getting a lot of calls and E-mails from people concerned about the issue of Swine Flu.  To say that it’s not a big deal would be hogwash.  Here’s a bit […]