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That’s “champions,” in case you can’t tell. Hey there Terriers, Last month, we were challenged to a duel. A duel between some of our greatest social media rivals – Emerson, BC and Northeastern. We were challenged to show our might by playing as much SCVNGR as possible to crush the competition. And crush we did. […]

Take the Competition Online

Hey there Terriers, Like Kedzie said, last night may have not have been what we were hoping for. But there is a lot of hope yet to beat BC at something else. Take a look at this scoreboard: Now that is a beautiful sight. What is it, you might ask?  BU is competing in the […]


Fellow Terriers, Did you wake up this morning (as I did) hoping for that BU Emergency Alert email that was sent at 5am to cancel classes?  Well too bad we never received it, because this weather is GROSS.  Although that is something that we can all agree on, this weather is not hindering us from […]

That’s One Bold Burrito

Ole, Terriers! The past week or so I have been walking by Warren Towers and I can’t help but notice this big sign outside of the restaurant Olecito which boasts about having Boston’s best burrito. Followers of this blog over the summer know I’m always down for discovering Boston’s Bests (Burgers! and Chocolate Shakes!) so […]

Wanna Get Away?

Hey there Terriers, So I don’t know about you, but I’m not really looking forward to waking up early tomorrow for some solid -20 degree windchills. It’s that point in the winter where we all just want to get away from the cold… Oh spring break, you coming anytime soon? March might be a few […]

Countdown to the Big Day with SCVNGR

Update: Anyone who finishes The Final Countdown trek will be entered into a drawing to win two free tickets to every senior week event. That’s huge! Get on SCVNGR by checking out the trek or texting “bu121” to 728647! Hey there Terriers, We’ve got an awesome day for the seniors out there (but keep on […]

2011: The Time Is Now

Word on the streets is that the Class of 2011 are in their last semester. I want to refuse to believe that, but if enough people say it, it must be true right? I mean, I guess that’s what happened with the Verizon iPhone at least? One of the best things about being a senior […]