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US Physician office visits declined 17% from 2009-2011

Being insured is no guarantee unemployed will seek care Research suggests they may be unable to cover co-pays and deductibles, or fear they cannot afford the expenses that result. By Victoria Stagg Elliott, amednews staff. Posted Feb. 7, 2012. Unemployed people who have private health insurance are less likely to put off care because of […]

ARF 2009-10 is available free

ARF=Area Resource File 2009-2010 ARF Can Now Be Downloaded at No Cost. The 2009-2010 ARF data files and documentation can now be downloaded. Click the link below to learn how to download ARF documentation and data. “The basic county-specific Area Resource File (ARF) is the nucleus of the overall ARF System. It is a […]

FAIR Health claims data, N=125 million

Window to the marketplace FAIR Health now delivers the industry’s primary source of out-of-network benchmarks with unprecedented transparency “What was referred to as a “black box” in February 2008 today has become an open window to the healthcare marketplace. The industry’s privately owned database of usual-and-customary (UC) charge information is now a transparent, public information […]