Combating the Post-Test Blues

Are you a post-test worrier? Do you obsess about the answers that could have been? Take it from us, with enough prep work before the test, you won’t ponder too long about whether that multiple choice section sucked too many points off your score or whether that last blue book essay blew your professor away (or put her to sleep).

Here are a couple of post-test Do’s and Don’ts that you will help you find the will and the time to really chill post-exams.

DON’T worry about your grade. The test is over, so save your energy for a visit to office hours once you get the test back. Take a moment to review the exam and identify specific questions. Then go in and chat with your professor. You’ll be happy to get your questions answered and your prof will appreciate the visit.

DON’T start prepping for the next test right away. If you haven’t taken time to figure out what’s actually on the test, you might be spinning your wheels on material you don’t have to cover.

DO take time immediately after an exam to relax. If that means taking a nap, hanging with friends or blowing off steam at FitRec, go for it! You might even venture off campus and take a look around the neighborhood. There are a thousand things to do around Boston and the surrounding area.

Cross the river (walk across the Mass Ave bridge, or, for a less traveled path, take the Salt and Pepper Bridge into the Kendall MIT area. Take your camera; you’ll have sweeping views of Boston and Cambridge and if you time it right, you’ll catch crew or sailing teams on the water. If you head for downtown Boston, get to the pier! Check out the ICA. The Institute of Contemporary Art is on the water and near awesome seafood restaurants.

Our point is, get out there and explore! Don’t be afraid to get off campus to take a breather. BU will be here when you get back (just make sure you ride the train or bus back in the right direction). Life is too short to live in the past and stress over tests. If you can learn to balance school, work and life in general, you just might be happier and more productive. Check out more ideas on things and places to do and see around Boston.

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