Happy #SMDay!

So I get that a lot of you out there might think the title of this blog is strange. To translate, I’m wishing you a “Happy Social Media Day!” and if you’re at BU right now, “Happy #SMDayBos” to be specific.

I think that, as a culture, social media is helping to improve us. I get that it can be argued that our brains are turning to mush with the constant staring at computer screens and that our generation is becoming self-obsessed, constantly updating the world on what we’re doing and where we are- but the benefits of social media completely outweigh any of these possible negatives. As an Educational Resource Center, it’s imperative we embrace this emerging technology because it is one of the major ways students, and the public in general, are informed and it is only seeming to grow greater as time goes on.

The world is finally giving social media the respect it deserves. I remember when I first started at the ERC a year and a half ago, I was shocked that there was no social media presence in the office. As time has gone by, we’ve adapted it and evolved greatly. Boston University makes me incredibly proud to be a student here with the way social media has been embraced on campus. BU’s Community Service Center used a common hashtag for their Alternative Spring Break 2011 this year so students at home or on other service trips could follow along with their adventures. Dean Elmore, our ever present Dean of Students, interacts with students and other administrators, even asking students for music selections. BU Athletics keeps me in the loop about men’s hockey and the numerous other sports BU has to offer (yes, there are others- I, myself, am a huge BU basketball fan. Welcome Coach Jones!). For college students on such a large campus, social media is a way to stay connected and allow the large campus to feel smaller and homier. BU has implemented SCVNGR hunts, Foursquare tips (for us Blackberry loyals) and countless other incentives for students to get involved via social media.

BU incoming students are welcomed into the community at orientation where they register for classes, get to know the campus and their fellow classmates and begin to acclimate to the Boston University lifestyle. In addition, they are encouraged to use social media throughout orientation with SCVNGR hunts and talks focusing on the presence of social media. Orientation and social media are joining hands, just as the university has already done. Hey, if the Pope is now tweeting, everyone should be embracing social media, right?

If you want to learn more about social media in general and at BU, I’d reccomend checking out these sites for more information:

Social Media at BU – Read this blog to stay up to date with different social media events, tips on how to utilize BU branding in social media and in general SM knowledge.

Dean Elmore’s Blog – Dean Elmore interacts with his students in many different ways, but my favorite is definetly his blog. Through his many book and music reccomendations, Dean Elmore shows his personality as well as his dedication to his students.

EmmaTangerine – Emma Tangeron, a rising sophomore in the College of Communication and the Program Assistant for Digital Media in the Dean of Students Office (that’s a mouthful!), is a social media queen at BU. I link to her recent blog article about defending BU’s rightful spot on USA Today College’s top 20 social media colleges list. Read her insights to stay in touch with the student perspective!

Mashable – Mashable is a blog all about the world of social media. I link to the SM day page so you can read about the meet-ups in your location to start a conversation about social media!

So as I leave you to go blog, tweet, check-in and creep around Google+, remember the wise hashtags of Orpheo Speer, Assistant Director of the Community Service Center, #happysmday #notarhiannaref !

OA/SM love!

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Jenny posted on July 1, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Hi Kaitlin,

Thank you for mentioning our “Social Media at BU” blog — much appreciated!


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