August Reflections

Today is August 1st. I absolutely cannot believe it. Does anyone else feel like cramming for finals and itching for summer was just yesterday? Right now, as many of you are, I’m a little bit anxious for school to start back up. I’m excited for everything that comes with a new school year- seeing friends who went away for the summer, getting ready for new opportunities, welcoming the class of 2015 into our Terrier family and so much more!

Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself in excitement of all these new things. It’s always a hard transition going from a relaxed summer setting to the fast pace of September at BU. With all the events going on, it’s really easy to neglect your academics and get wrapped up in all the excitement. Try taking a few deep breaths before you come to school and get your head in the game. Relax for a bit and ask yourself these questions:

1. What kind of student were you in elementary, middle and high school? This might seem like a silly question, but it serves a purpose. Even for rising seniors, there is always time for you to change the type of student you are or get back to your roots.

2. What messages did you get about the importance of school and your academic abilities from your friends, family and teachers?  Surrounding yourself with people who have the same standards of your academia is extremely important, especially with your friends at school. Spending nearly all your time with them, your friends at college truly become your family. You need people that encourage you to study as well as have a social life!

3. Why did you choose to attend college at this time? Why Boston University? It’s extremely easy to lose sight of why you chose BU (especially on days you are absolutely 100% convinced it should be a snow day). By taking a moment to really appreciate the reasons why you decided to attend BU, you’ll start to feel that love again, no matter the weather.

4. What kind of student are you now? Are you proud of your accomplishments as a student? Are you going to be able to look back when college is over and feel good about your studies as well as your social scene? Would your freshman year of high school self be excited wtih your progress?

5. In addition to “a student”, how else would you define yourself? (example- a dance, a runner, a musician, etc…) How do those things impact one another? Academia is a huge part of college, but it’s also a time to grown into an adult. You aren’t defined completely by your education and the career you establish because of that education. Reflect on the other portions of your life and think about the person you’re becoming as a whole.

So take a deep breath, Terriers and enjoy the rest of your summer. Before you know it, it’s going to be September 6th and you’re thrown into the rush of life at BU. Think about what you want from your fresh start and go out there and do it!


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