Mid-term Madness

You wake up at 8:30 and immediately want to press snooze. Boston is fueling your desire by making sure it’s cloudy, gloomy and raining outside (as seems to be the usual these days). Then you remember- it’s your WEEK. Everyone has one and they’re probably the least fun part of college- mid-term week.
Mid-terms are extremely difficult from finals. During finals, BU recognizes that you are going into hardcore study mode. Classes are done with, student employees have the option of calling in due to studying and you can practically rent a room in Mugar for the week. However, mid-terms are spread out, classes are still going on and you have to somehow manage all of your activities for the week. It is the WEEK that could drive you to insanity- but don’t let it! Here are my usual tips about how to escape the madness that is Mid-terms week:
– Manage your time wisely. Every minute should be accounted for in order to help keep you on track, even if it’s time allotted for relaxing to make sure your mental health is okay. Try looking at one of our previous posts for some time grid advice here.
– Start a study group! Although it’s mid-term season, it’s still only October. It’s more likely than not that there are other students in your class that want the help of a study group but haven’t made a connection in the class. Try turning to the person next to you in a review session, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their response!
– Keep in mind how much the test is worth. Check your syllabus to see how it compares with everything else. By seeing that your mid-term is worth 25% of your grade, but attendance and participation is 20%, everything is kept in perspective and will help you to not freak out about how important the test is.
– Be aware if your final is cumulative or not. It can be easy to lose your mid-term study guides and flashcards in the second half of the semester, but around finals you’re going to regret it if you’ve lost everything you’ve worked so hard on.

Good luck with everything, fellow Terriers and keep on studying! You can do it!
– Kaitlin

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