In case you haven’t looked at a calendar yet or are just plain in denial, we wanted to offer a few last-minute tips for finals. Dean Elmore and Cecilia Lalama of the ERC swapped a few tips on what NOT to do when you finally get around to studying.

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Chrissy Taubert, a Sargent Junior and ERC Office Assistant, added a thing or two on what what’s worked for her so far.

  • “DON’T order Domino’s pizza and cheesy bread sticks to Mugar! They may or may not taste like heaven on earth but not only will it distract you from your studying, eating unhealthy food will make you more tired and you’ll probably regret it later!
  • DON’T keep your Crackberry/iPhone right next to your computer or textbooks. You will subconsciously keep checking it to see if you have emails, bbms, texts, Facebook notis or Twitter mentions. I promise life will go on if you respond to a wall post the following day and you don’t know what’s trending every two seconds.
  • DON’T pull an all-nighter, it’s not that cool. I know its strangely entertaining to tell your friends about how little sleep you’ve gotten, but really, just go to bed. Sleeping will help you retain all that stuff you’ve shoved into your brain. Plus, you’ll need your energy to stay motivated!
  • DO throw on that new floral Urban shirt and those dangly diva earrings… Dress to impress! Getting yourself up and at ‘em in the morning and dressing up will help you feel great, get focused and make you less likely to be lazy.”

Good luck, everyone! And really, don’t try getting delivery at Mugar.


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